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The Refugee Ban Bill

On Tuesday 7th March 2023, the Home Secretary introduced a new Bill called the “Illegal Migration Bill”. Organisations and people across the UK are calling it the “Refugee Ban Bill”.

The Government admits the Bill does not meet the test of being compatible with people's legally protected human rights. At BIHR, we have serious concerns about the Refugee Ban Bill's removal of vital human rights protections for people.

Our Impact

Find out about the difference we're making through our human rights programmes:


In 2021, we supported over 2,200 staff members working in 36 public bodies and services across the UK.


Over 560 people used our template to respond to the UK Government’s consultation on Human Rights Act reform.


In 2021, we supported over 700 staff members and beneficiaries across 90 community and voluntary groups

Human Rights Training

Our practical and participatory training is designed to move human rights from the law books to everyday life. We run workshops for individuals, community groups and public bodies and services that incorporate real-examples and realistic tools and solutions.

We also work with Lived Experience Experts and people accessing services to create bespoke programmes and resources to help embed a culture of respect for human rights across organisations.

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