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We know many people use the term "training" as a shorthand, as we do too, but what we're focused on is providing our participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make positive changes to practice and policy using human rights. As an independent charity we recognise it isn't our job to make that change happen, but we can provide the tools which enable change.

About Our Human Rights Training

Our Human Rights Act puts legal duties on public officials (and those delivering public functions) across the UK to respect, protect and fulfil human rights in everything they do, every day. This means nurses, doctors, teachers, care staff, police officers, housing officers and those who commission and lead those services.  It also means that when we, or our loved ones access these services we have rights which must be upheld.

The aim of our Human Rights Act is to create a culture of respect for human rights, this only happens when public officials know and use the Human Rights Act and people, communities and campaigners are empowered to know and claim their rights. 

BIHR have worked with people, communities, staff, and policy makers to develop their confidence in using human rights for over 50 years. We firmly believe that knowledge is power, and have developed a wide range of both online and in person training offers  to achieve lightbulb moments - when people make the connection between human rights and their lives and practice.

We move human rights from the law books to everyday life, using real examples and a practical human rights-based approach. Whether you need a bespoke workshop to broaden knowledge on the human rights legal duties in the UK, or a whole change programme to reflect on and improve rights-respecting policies and practices, BIHR can help you, your community or organisation,  have that lightbulb moment.

Five Reasons You Need Training From BIHR


BIHR is the leading provider of human rights capacity building and consultancy services to the third and public sectors in the UK. We have been providing training for almost 15 years, to over 10,000 individuals in over 1,000 organisations. We have worked together with a wide range of local authorities, NHS organisations, national and regional government bodies, public sector inspectorates, national, regional and local third sector organisations, and community groups.


Our experience is unparalleled; you can be confident the training you receive is well-respected, tested and is being continually refined and updated.


Our training style is interactive and participative; we include discussion, presentation, group and individual exercises and real life story activities which you can provide us with if you like. We work hard to create a supportive and inclusive environment, and very much encourage debate and discussion.


Our training is practical; we focus on the practice of rights and how organisations can apply human rights to make their work more effective. Our team of trainers are all experts in human rights but come from a variety of different sectors, backgrounds and parts of the UK. We have trainers who specialise in safeguarding, social work, health care, advocacy, immigration and asylum and more. 


Our training is accessible; we are experienced in providing training to a diverse range of groups and we have particular expertise in translating complex ideas into simple, easy to understand language.

Choosing the Right Training For You

We offer different programmes for individuals and small organisations; large and private organisations; and public authorities. Our pricing is structured in this way too. Choose the relevant button below to see the options best suited to your needs.

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