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Our Programmes

Our work with individuals and communities focuses on enabling people to use human rights law to bring about change in their own lives, while strengthening the agency and voice of community groups to address social justice issues using human rights advocacy.

We do this through support sessions and producing practical information. Many tools are co-produced, working directly with people themselves, to make sure our support is rooted in people's real-life experiences. We also work collaboratively with groups to build their capacity to use human rights as an advocacy tool. 

Our work with public bodies and services focuses on increasing their accountability to respect and protect human rights in their everyday policy, practices and decisions.

We do this through mapping key challenges to human rights standards, supporting co-production with people accessing services, tailoring learning and development and focusing on skills and confidence building to put change processes and practices in place.

Below you can find more information about our specific programmes with communities and organisations.

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