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Scottish Recovery Consortium 2023-24

A programme of human rights capacity building was commissioned by the Scottish Recovery Consortium (SRC) with funding from the Scottish Government Development Project Fund. The programme was delivered by the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) from August 2023 to February 2024. The purpose of this programme was to equip people working in the recovery sector in Scotland with the knowledge and confidence to speak up for human rights, and to empower others to do so through their advocacy work, contributing to a longer-term aim of bringing about a shift in power and culture to improve the effectiveness of recovery services.

The Programme

The programme of work involved:

  • A joint review of the 2022 programme
  • Co-development and co-delivery of an in-depth 10-part human rights leadership programme with up to 15 participants
  • Creation of a comprehensive digital programme handbook


attendees rated their understanding of the Human Rights Act at 3/7/5 afterwards versus 2.6/5 before


attendees rated their confidence using the Human Rights Act at 4/5 afterwards versus 3.4/5 before


of staff said they would recommend the sessions to colleagues


said they were more likely to take action to uphold people's rights by supporting them to be involved in decisions about their lives

Participants said...

Interesting, well-presented, confidence boost, empowering.

Programme participant

I would highly recommend this programme. It excited me to learn more about human rights and gave me the motivation to join in active group discussions. The empowerment I now feel in having the correct language and information to support and advocate not only for myself but my peers too. Thank you.

Programme participant

An in-depth and very informative study into the rights of everyone, how they are upheld, and how we must fight to keep them.

Programme participant

We were lucky enough to get onto this course […] it’s courses like this that have helped a lot of people, it’s certainly helped me understand more about our human rights, and getting knowledge and understanding out to other people. If it’s courses like this that keep getting dropped off due to the lack of funding, I’m afraid that empowerment will be going out the window […] It’s courses like this that we need to get more people involved in […] If courses and services are getting closed down, we’re not going to be able to empower other people. We need as much courses and training like this to help other people.

Programme participant

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