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Training for individuals & communities

We work with individuals, community groups and third-sector or voluntary organisations across the UK to empower people to understand and access their human rights.

We can work with you to run workshops for members and/or staff, to put together a knowledge and confidence building programme tailored to your needs, or to create bespoke guides and resources.

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We also offer bespoke human rights support for people and loved ones accessing Special Educational Needs and Disability services; community groups and advocates; public officials; and policy professionals involved in SENDIASS. This offer has been designed by Human Rights Officer Phoebe, a former advisor and tribunals officer at several SENDIASS services across the country.

POhWER, Lunch & Learn Workshop Participant

"Very informative and the case studies gives a clear understanding of how the HRA works in practice."

Rights in Recovery Leadership Programme Participant

"I just believed that drug addicts didn't have rights...learning about it being an illness you understand that we have as much rights as anyone else."

Hopscotch, Community Programme Participant

"This was an amazing and informative session, and we are so pleased with the new guide!"

Up to 2 hours/2-3 hours

Interactive capacity building sessions

Build confidence and knowledge in human rights

Ideal for: Anyone new to our training looking to improve their understanding of our Human Rights Act and how to apply it in practice.

Cost: From £435 - £1,160 dependent on workshop type and on organisation type and annual turnover. Additional fees may apply for participant numbers above our standard maximum, face-to-face training and certificates. Find out more about our prices here.

Suggested content: Introduction or refresher to human rights law; activities applying the learning to practice-based scenarios; Q&A.

2 x 2-3 hour sessions

Two-part workshops

Two-part introductory human rights capacity building that is tailored to your specific needs as an individual or a small voluntary sector organisation. Our two-part model offers more time and space for reflection on practice than our one-part model.

Ideal for: Anyone looking build knowledge and awareness of human rights in practice and the capacity and confidence to embed a human rights approach in their day-to-day work.

Cost: From £435 - £1,160 per workshop dependent on workshop type and on organisation type and annual turnover. Additional fees may apply for participant numbers above our standard maximum, face-to-face training and certificates. Find out more about our prices here.

Suggested content: Introduction to human rights law; history, aims and how it works; key rights; practical examples and discussion; frameworks and action planning.

Duration depends on individual programming

Change Programmes

A consultancy programme to review existing human rights approaches, work with lived experience experts to identify necessary changes and implement change at all levels of your organisation.

Ideal for: Community groups and organisations looking to embed a culture of human rights within everyday working.

Cost: Programme fees vary greatly depending on a variety of factors including duration and content. Please contact us via to discuss your specific needs.

Suggested content: An initial report, in-depth consultation, capacity building sessions, planning and design, and provision of expert recommendations.

5 x 45 - 60 minute sessions

Lunch & Learn

A series of short, bite-size training sessions for staff to access over lunch.

Ideal for: Busy individuals, community groups or small voluntary sector organisations who cannot dedicate long periods of time for training or have a specific interest area.

Cost: Fees vary according to session duration, required content, and organisation type and turnover. Please contact us via to discuss your specific needs. Find out more about our prices here.

Suggested content: One focused workshop repeated for different groups of people or a series of five different topics delivered every week, fortnight or month.

Add-on or standalone service

Resource Creation & Selection

Co-produced human rights resources to support you or the people that use your service.

Ideal for: Individuals, community groups or small voluntary sector organisations looking for bespoke co-produced tools to increase human rights knowledge and confidence. For example, a guide to human rights and mental health care for parents and carers or a "is my issue a human rights issue?" flowchart for advocates and campaigners.

Cost: Please get in touch via and we will contact you to discuss developing a resource that suits your budget.

Suggested content: For resource creation, we follow a three-stage process involving mapping; creating; and testing to ensure your resource meets your needs.

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