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Our Work

At BIHR, we work with people, communities, individuals and policy-makers to make positive change through human rights across the UK.

Our programme work includes workshops with service providers and people accessing services to make it easier for people to make rights-respecting decisions and achieve better outcomes. The human rights issues we work on with people reach across the range of interactions with public bodies and services, including safeguarding, commissioning, health, care, social work, co-production, and much more.

This programme work then informs our policy work and helps us amplify the voices of people with lived experience in the conversations amongst people with the power to change and update our laws.



Our Programmes

Our programmes range from one-off workshops to event talks to Practice Lead programmes designed to help organisations bring about sustainable change. We aim to support people and communities to make the best use of human rights advocacy and develop a human rights approach internally and to support public authorities to embed a culture of human rights within their organisations and make rights-respecting decisions.

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