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Room to Heal

We co-designed a guide to using human rights as a tool for advocacy with Room to Heal, a London-based charity supporting survivors of torture and trafficking through casework and therapy.


All our focus group attendees said they would use the guide or that the guide would be helpful to others.


Based on feedback from testing session participants, the tool is now available in 7 languages including English.


There was a 50% increase in Room to Heal staff confidence about using human rights law in their work after the workshop.

“I just wanted to feedback that we sent out the report and a few colleagues commented on how useful it was, in particular the templates for supporting letters for professionals. I also found the templates really helpful and want to thank you for including that.”

Rights in Action

A Casework Coordinator in the London Refugee Support Team at the British Red Cross used the guide twice to challenge statutory services who were refusing to offer interpreting for clients trying to access urgent services such as housing.

After the Casework Coordinator made the local authority aware they risked breaching the Human Rights Act, they provided interpreters for the clients so they could fairly apply for their entitlements.

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