“Our Human Rights Act is not simply a question of legal technicalities, it is about supporting ordinary people to be heard and to reach respectful, dignified decisions that matter in everyday life, whether that is in education or housing, health or care, the local council or a national regulator. Sadly, this lived experience is rarely part of the debate in the UK, conveniently ignored, and yet these are real life stories of how our Human Rights Act is working for people here at home."

- Sanchita Hosali, CEO of British Institute of Human Rights

At the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR), we see the value of our Human Rights Act every day in our work with people accessing services, community and advocacy groups, and staff working in public services. We hear the stories of people whose lives have been changed in real and tangible ways – and we think it’s important that everyone else hears those stories, too.

The RITES Committee

Our RITES Committee (standing for real-life insights, tips, experiences and stories) is made up of experts by experience who have used our Human Rights Act to achieve change – for themselves, the people they work with or their loved ones.

From lived experience of the prison system to caring for family members with complex needs to working in frontline public services, each of our experts brings a unique perspective of our Human Rights Act in practice. Their expertise will inform everything we do as we campaign to protect our Human Rights Act, and we will amplify their voices in our work with our four key groups: people, communities, public bodies, and policymakers.

The UK Government has attempted to present many of the changes in the Rights Removal Bill as legal technicalities and procedural nuances – but human rights are about much more than that. Ultimately, our Human Rights Act is about people, and about giving people the power to hold the Government to account. With our RITES Committee, we want to show how the Act has done just that as we work to keep that power in the hands – and the voices – of the people.

Our Work So Far

On 18 July 2022, we sent a briefing to the Joint Committee on Human Rights as part of their inquiry into the Rights Removal Bill and Parliament’s role in protecting human rights. Our RITES experts contributed to the briefing, sharing their insights into the ways the proposed changes put all our human rights at risk.

Click here to read the briefing.

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