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Social Media Pack

Our human rights apply to all our interactions with governments and public bodies - so it's essential that people understand what they are and how they work. Our RITES Committee have created this social media pack to support organisations and individuals to consider how they can talk about and create content about human rights online. 

What does the pack include?

This guide to talking about human rights online is packed with ideas, examples and inspiration to help you start human rights conversations. Inside, you'll find:

  • Timeline of key events
  • Universality
  • Key messages to consider
  • Questions for discussion and reflection
  • Example content
  • Recommended reading
  • Making content accessible
  • Content calendar
  • Afterword
  • Glossary

There are also messages from individual members of the RITES Committee talking about topics that are important to them, such as accessibility and inclusion.

At the end of the pack, you'll also find a list of the 16 human rights protected by the UK's Human Rights Act. Sharing information about these rights can be a great place to start when you're making content. You can find out more about each of these rights and how they apply to our everyday lives in our Get Informed section. Each right has a plain-language explainer and an Easy Read explainer.

We can all help to raise the profile of human rights with those we support and work with whether this be through our peer groups, health and care partners, local support organisations or through social media. By doing this we will make more people aware of their rights and better able to support themselves and challenge others when needed so that everyone has an equal opportunity to obtain and receive the care and support that they are entitled to and expect.

Ian Penfold, RITES Committee member

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