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Our Practice Lead Programme

The Practice Leads Programme is designed to make human rights real and practical, beginning to change the experience of people accessing services. Building and growing internal networks of engaged staff who are committed to human rights change will help embed a human rights approach across services, benefitting people accessing those services, and staff delivering them, and enabling sustained change and confidence in rights-respecting decision making.

Our CAMHS Programme

The CAMHS Inpatient Practice Leads Programme was made up of 10 half-day sessions on Zoom with Practice Leads. These are staff members who support rights-respecting practice in their place of work, leading on human-rights based change and supporting colleagues to do the same.

Sessions began by solidifying human rights knowledge and applying human rights law to real examples before focusing on specific issues chosen by attendees and ending with action planning for the future. Sessions also encouraged networking and relationship-building between attendees for ongoing peer support.

Activities and planning included:

  • Seclusion and restraint
  • Eating disorders
  • Discrimination
  • Assessments and care plans

The Results

100% of respondents to our post-programme survey said they feel more confident in using human rights and embedding human rights knowledge or change in their team.


attendees rated their knowledge about human rights law and duties at 4.3/5 afterwards versus 3.4/5 before


attendees rated the relevance of human rights law to their everyday work at 5/5 afterwards versus 4.7/5 before


attendees rated their confidence talking about upholding people's human rights in everyday decisions at 5/5 afterwards versus 3.8/5 before

Participants said...

The BIHR Practice Leads programme for CAMHS has been exceptional, in both content and delivery. The information presented was pitched at the right level and was relevant to practice, and the session facilitators were skilled at explaining complex issues in an interesting, accessible and engaging way. It was inspiring to see such authentic co-production with those with lived experience in a training course, and my learning was much richer for it. Having completed the programme, I feel empowered to be an ambassador for young people’s human rights in my workplace and I can’t thank the BIHR team enough for giving me the confidence to do so.

Programme Participant

Enlightening, inspiring, arming those attending with the knowledge and confidence to make a real change to perceptions, culture and ultimately improve patients care.

Programme Participant

The course has expanded my knowledge, given me confidence & inspired me to do better in my practice.

Programme Participant

“What one thing will you change after working with BIHR?”

I’m going to make a “Seclusion and the Human Rights Act” poster

Programme Participant

I have arranged to work with our children’s community services around decision-making

Programme Participant

I have challenged a few things around restriction.

Programme Participant

This programme was co-produced with Lived Experience Experts.

100% of Practice Leads participants said having a Lived Experience Expert on the workshop helped them think about rights-respecting changes to current practice.

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