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Any amount - whether a one-off donation or regular support - will make a difference and you can be confident that BIHR will put it to the best possible use.

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Supporting BIHR really makes a difference

Photo in a kitchen of a young disabled woman baking with another woman, both smiling.


This helps us support people to benefit from our Human Rights Act's protections in everyday life.
Photo of 4 young people in a college sitting and talking.


This helps us create accessible and informative resources to help people understand their human rights.
Photo of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, taken from Westminster bridge, with a bright blue sky.


This helps us run paid participation projects and amplify the voices of people with lived experience in Parliamentary and policy discussions.

Jasmin, a carer, North England

“I feel more empowered and confident on how to challenge, I see that human rights can facilitate a positive change.”

Karen, Pembrokeshire, Wales

“Too often it’s assumed people with learning disabilities can’t be included or their opinion doesn’t matter. Working with BIHR helped people with learning disabilities tell the Commission on a Bill of Rights their thoughts on human rights laws. With the right resources even the most marginalised voices can be heard.”

Richard, London

“It was fascinating to learn about a subject which is so fundamental to our everyday lives but which I knew very little about. The communication support provided made it fully accessible so that I felt included and equal.”

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