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Why we need your donations

As an independent human rights charity, we rely on the support of people who want to ensure human rights here at home are respected, protected and fulfilled.

Whatever amount you decide to donate, your support will be an investment in creating a society where each person's equal dignity is respected and protected. Your donation will help us achieve our mission to bring human rights to life for everyone here at home.

Our impact

Your donations help us continue our work promoting and protecting human rights across the UK:


In 2021, we supported over 2,200 staff members working in 36 public bodies and services across the UK.


Over 560 people used our template to respond to the UK Government’s consultation on Human Rights Act reform.


In 2021, we supported over 700 staff members and beneficiaries across 90 community and voluntary groups

What your donations go towards

Our work with communities, voluntary organisations and individuals has shown us there is a huge demand for human rights advocacy support. However, these communities often face funding challenges that prevent them accessing paid training and resources.

Donations can help us create free and accessible resources and opportunities for people to understand and talk about their rights and the rights of the people they support. This work complements the programmes accessed and paid for by public bodies to create a holistic approach to promoting human rights.

Support our work

There are lots of ways you can support our vital work.

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