Our exciting new project, launched at the end of 2016, is to produce a human rights resource for people living with learning disabilities. This will also provide relevant and useful information for people living with autism.

This project is funded through a Department of Health grant. There have been a number of high profile cases where people living with learning disabilities have had their human rights put at risk through neglect or abuse in health and care services. In response the government, and a number of other organisations, have developed the Transforming Care programme to improve services for people living with learning disabilities and/or autism, including people who display behaviour that challenges, and/or those living with a mental health condition. The idea is to drive system-wide change and enable more people to live in the community, with the right support, and close to home.

BIHR's new resource on Learning Disability, Autism and Human Rights will be an important contribution to this work. We have been talking with people living with learning disabilities and autism, as well as their carers and advocates. They told us an accessible booklet is needed which explains what people's human rights are, and how they can use these to make sure they have choice and control over their lives and that services treat them with dignity and respect.

We will be launching our resource in March 2017. To book a place for the launch event in Liverpool sign-up here: https://www.bihr.org.uk/Event/resource-launch-learning-disability-autism-and-human-rights

For more information on the details of the resource please visit: https://www.bihr.org.uk/upcoming-resources

If you’d like to get in touch about this project please email Johnny on jrebours@bihr.org.uk

If you are interested in our other resources, check out our Human Rights and Health Hub www.bihr.org.uk/health