The Human Rights Alliance is a network of over 150 organisations from across the United Kingdom committed to protecting human rights and the Human Rights Act. The Human Rights Alliance, coordinated by the British Institute of Human Rights, comprises a wide range of groups and sectors including small community organisations, user-led groups, national campaigns and international non-governmental organisations.


Since 2009 the British Institute of Human Rights has been co-ordinating a group of organisations who work on various issues, but share a common aim of promoting respect for human rights through our work. Our main purpose is to share information, build capacity and confidence and to undertake joint initiatives aimed at ensuring respect for the human rights framework in the United Kingdom.

All members agree to a shared bottom line of protecting human rights and the law which sets these out, the Human Rights Act. This is not simply a commitment to the substance of the rights the Act contains and the mechanisms for enforcing them, but a shared belief of Human Rights Alliance members that human rights are universal; they are not within the gift of government to give and must not be subject to the whim of any government.


We work to share information and provide the tools and supports to enable a broad range of voices to demonstrate why human rights are important, from the positive difference human rights can make in our everyday lives, to providing a vital check on power and setting the standard for state behaviour and action.

We focus on issues that demonstrate the role human rights has to play here at home and areas where the domestic human rights framework may be at risk. We hold regular meetings (in London, with call-in facilities), distribute information updates, e-mail bulletins and briefings on key topics of interest to Human Rights Alliance members (e.g. changes to judicial review; human rights education in schools, etc.).

We also undertake joint or collaborative initiatives, including an annual Human Rights Day event on 10 December, letters from leaders of civil society organisations and local and national activities.


We ask all members of the Human Rights Alliance to sign up to our Human Rights Charter, to reflect a commitment to the Human Rights Alliance‘s bottom line of protecting the Human Rights Act.

To join the Human Rights Alliance, or for any other queries, please contact [email protected] or on 0207 882 5080.