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Our funding

As a charity, BIHR does not receive government funding. We rely instead on three main sources of support. Primarily, we seek grants from Trusts and Foundations to support our charitable work. These are a usually a combination of unrestricted grants that support our core work and organisation, and restricted grants for specific projects. We also receive individual donations and income from our training and consultancy work.

Our current grant funders include

Activities with our funders include:


  • Supporting discussions on the current political debates about the future of our Human Rights Act, and what actions the voluntary sector can take. 


  • Sharing evidence of change through human rights practice with voluntary and public sector groups. 


  • Supporting grantee networking including communities of practice, roundtables, and action-planning.

Recent former funders


In addition to our current funders, we are grateful for the support of our recent former funders, who include:

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