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Stephen Pittam

Stephen Pittam retired as the Trust Secretary of the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust in 2012. Before joining JRCT, Stephen spent 10 years in local government in London focused on voluntary sector liaison and community development, having previously worked on community development in Ireland, Jordan and in the UK. Stephen is a Board member and advisor for several local, national and international rights-based initiatives.

“I have always appreciated the special role that BIHR has plays within the network of human rights organisations in the UK, in showing how important human rights are to the everyday lives of people – whether in relation to health services, education, accessing the justice system or in challenging poverty. BIHR does amazing work supporting both individuals and professionals to understand and use the human rights framework and to see human rights as an important building block of our democracy. As someone living in northern England I am particularly impressed with the way BIHR gets out of London and offers its services to all parts of the country.”

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