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Consultations on UK rights

Here you'll find our responses to government consultations that concern human rights or put human rights at risk.

In December 2020, the UK Government created an Independent Human Rights Act Review (IHRAR). We wanted to make sure that they would be able to reflect on the importance of how the Human Rights Act is used every day, outside of the courtrooms. We therefore produced a comprehensive report led by research with people, communities and frontline workers on their lived experience of the HRA.

On the same day that IHRAR's report was released, the UK Government released a new consultation called, "Human Rights Act Reform: A Modern Bill of Rights". The consultation was released without an accessible version - which we supported learning disability groups to challenge.

The Human Rights Act Reform consultation ignored the findings of the IHRAR and put forward suggestions that would significantly reduce rights protections across the UK. We submitted a detailed response to the consultation that highlighted the way human rights make a difference to everyday lives.

The consultation was followed by the "Bill of Rights" - better known as the Rights Removal Bill - which has now been abandoned. You can get all our resources on this in our Rights Removal Bill hub.

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