BIHR’s Human Rights Tour is in big demand and we’re getting ready to get on the road and take human rights to the heart of our towns and cities throughout March 2017.

If you want us to come to your town or city, now is the time to join the growing community of public and voluntary sector organisations that have partnered with us to bring our town-hall-style events to their areas.

BIHR's Human Rights Tour is in big demand and we're getting ready to get on the road and take human rights to the heart of our towns and cities throughout March 2017.

What is the Human Rights Tour?

The idea is a simple one. We go across the nations of UK holding free to attend pop-up events in local communities, raising awareness about human rights and their relevance in everyday life, providing a space for debate and discussion.

Download the application form to host the Tour here. Please send your completed forms back to us by 5 December. 

What happens at a Tour day?

We provide a basic introduction to the law that protects our human rights here at home. We explore how the Human Rights Act is not simply about courts, but relevant and real to us all in everyday life, especially in the hands of those who provide public services and those who use them. Importantly, we create an opportunity to engage in some of the important debates going on at the heart of power about the future of our human rights law.

Using a combination of presentations, interactive sessions, discussions (and creative activities!) these full day events provide a much-needed space for people from all walks of life to look at the law, the everyday practice and the portrayals of human rights.


Who attends the Human Rights Tour?

The interest in our Human Rights Tour has been fantastic. Over the past five years we have held 65 events in 35 towns and cities, reaching almost 5000 people. Our pop-up events attract diverse audiences from police officers, doctors and nurses, social workers and others from public services, as well as advocates and policy staff from voluntary and community groups, and members of the public who want to find out more. Each year we have increasing interest and requests from people and organisations to bring the Tour to their town or city.


Don’t take our word for it…..what do people say about our Tour?

  • Of those that came with little or average human rights knowledge 70% left with good or excellent human rights knowledge
  • 98% left believing human rights has some relevance to their work or day to day lives

We recently hosted a Human Rights Tour event here in the Trust and found BIHR an absolute delight to work with. The event itself was well publicised, well organised and very well attended from stakeholders and interested parties from this area and beyond. The feedback from delegates was very positive and the overall message we got back was that this event ‘brought human rights to life’ for them, which is a testament both to the delivery and the content of the day.

Cheryl Farmer, Liverpool Women’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


How do I bring the Human Rights Tour to my town or city?

BIHR’s Human Rights Tour is in great demand and every year we get lots requests to bring the Tour to towns and cities. We ask local organisations to partner up with us to help put on Tour events in their area. You can apply to bring the Human Rights Tour to your town or city by sending us a completed application form which is available here. Be sure to get your application to us by 4pm on 5 December 2016.


What is involved in being a Tour partner?

As there is such a big demand for the Human Rights Tour, we ask our partners to commit to the following:

  • Providing a venue which is
  1. large enough for at least 50 people (cabaret style)
  2. centrally located in your town or city, easily reachable by public transport
  3. fully accessible (e.g. wheelchair access, hearing loop, accessible toilets, blue badge or designated parking, etc.)
  4. with PowerPoint facilities, wifi and a PA system
  • Provide tea and coffee at the events (normally three servings). We ask participants to bring their own lunch, however this may be a cost you would like to meet
  • Meet accessibility costs for participants (such as BSL interpreters)
  • Cover the travel and, if necessary, accommodation costs of two BIHR staff to run the event (standard class travel, 2 star accommodation)
  • Proactively market the Tour with your local and regional contacts to ensure a good turnout both in numbers and mix of participants
  • Take part in our communications work around the Tour, particularly engaging with local media
  • Sign up to the shared message on human rights in our Human Rights Charter


Funding: BIHR can support partners to make funding applications to cover the costs of these events, however we ask you to ensure that your organisation can meet the partner costs outlined. Typically each pop-up event costs less than £1,000 (without accessibility costs) and reaches up to 100 people in your community, as well as generating media coverage and associated collateral benefits.


What do you get out of being a Tour partner?

Local organisations who partner up with BIHR for our Human Rights Tour events will receive:

  • A Human Rights Tour partner pack, with all the information you need to help make the pop-up a success in your community. It includes tips and tools on marketing, spreading the word, getting local media involved etc.
  • Partner organisations will be listed on our website, in our marketing materials and in communications and media work
  • The pop-up event provides an excellent promotion and networking opportunities for local and regional stakeholders
  • Up to 10 specially reserved places for your organisation’s staff or volunteers and key contacts
  • Space on the day’s programme to discuss your work on bringing human rights to life, if relevant, or to set out your organisation’s position on human rights locally.


What BIHR will provide

BIHR will be responsible for developing, delivering and running the Tour events, which includes:

  • Developing the programme
  • Delivering the event – BIHR staff will run the sessions and deliver the content
  • Provide participants will relevant materials for the session
  • Produce marketing and communications materials and support
  • Manage the bookings or provide other administrative support
  • Organise BIHR staff travel or accommodation


 What is the timetable for the 2016/17 Tour?

  • The deadline for applications to become a BIHR Tour partner is 4pm on 5 December 2016
  • If necessary, we would request a telephone conference with prospective partners (named contact, chief executive) and the BIHR staff team between 6-8 December 2016 to discuss their application in more detail.
  • We will notify all applicants by 9 December whether their application has been successful.

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