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Lunch & Learn Campaigning Workshops

To effectively campaign to protect our Human Rights Act, we need to feel confident in our knowledge of how UK human rights law works now, what the UK Government wants to change, and how powerful the voices of lived experience can be. 

During May and June 2022, BIHR ran a series of four free online lunch and learn workshops for people wanting to campaign to protect the Human Rights Act. This workshop series was open to all, from new campaigners to experienced activists.

Workshop 1: Your Human Rights Act Questions Answered

In our first workshop, we answered some frequently asked questions about the Human Rights Act. We know that when campaigning, knowledge is power so this workshop was designed to give people the knowledge about how our Human Rights Act currently works which they could use to challenge plans to change it.

Workshop 2: What the UK Government Wants to Change

In our second workshop, we told people about the UK Government’s then plans to replace the Human Rights Act with its Rights Removal Bill. Since we delivered this workshop, the Rights Removal Bill has been stopped.

Workshop 3: How to Get Involved in Campaigning

In our third workshop, we focused on the power of real-life stories where people have used our Human Rights Act to achieve positive change. BIHR shared stories of people we’ve worked with and tips for using personal skills and experience to campaign to protect our Human Rights Act, whether as a person who interacts with public services frequently, an advocate or campaigner, a public official, or a policy professional.

Workshop 4: Taking Action Together to Protect our Human Rights Act

In our fourth and final workshop, we focused on real actions everyone can take to protect our Human Rights Act. Members of the BIHR team were joined by campaigners to listen, share campaigning tips, and take action by writing to our MPs.

After the workshops...


of attendees said they would tell others about the Human Rights Act, how it works and why it matters


was the average rating of people's knowledge of the Human Rights Act versus 3.3/5 before


said they would use and share BIHR's resources on Human Rights Act reform

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