We’re getting ready to get on the road and take human rights to the heart of our towns and cities throughout March 2017.

This year, the Human Rights Tour is coming to:

What is the Human Rights Tour?

The idea is a simple one. We go across the nations of UK holding pop-up events that are free to attend in local communities, which aim to:

  • Raise awareness about human rights and their relevance in everyday life
  • Provide a space for debate and discussion

What happens on the day?

We provide a basic introduction to the law that protects our human rights here at home. We explore how the Human Rights Act is not simply about courts, but relevant and real to us all in everyday life, especially in the hands of those who provide public services and those who use them. Importantly, we create an opportunity to engage in some of the important debates going on at the heart of power about the future of our human rights law.

Using a combination of presentations, interactive sessions, discussions (and creative activities!) these full day events provide a much-needed space for people from all walks of life to look at the law, the everyday practice and the portrayals of human rights.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome. Our pop-up events attract diverse audiences from police officers, doctors and nurses, social workers and others from public services, as well as advocates and policy staff from voluntary and community groups, and members of the public who want to find out more

Don’t take our word for it…..what do people say about our Tour?

“Great day in NI! Working together to protect and defend the Human Rights Act, an integral part of our peace treaty." - Helen Flynn, NGO Campaigner, Belfast

"Insightful, inspiring and illuminating" - Participant from Exeter

"High quality and fun workshop provides insight into how human rights affect everyone" - Voluntary sector worker from Wellingborough

Why isn’t the Human Rights Tour coming to my town or city?

BIHR’s Human Rights Tour is in great demand and every year we get lots requests to bring the Tour to towns and cities. We ask local organisations to partner up with us to help put on Tour events in their area. If you would like the Human Rights Tour to come to your town or city, then keep an eye on our website and submit an application for the Human Rights Tour 2018.