This new project 'Human Rights and Advocacy' aims to build the capacity of health and wellbeing advocates in the northeast of England to more confidently use human rights in their work. Based on our extensive experience and knowledge of human rights in the health and care sector, and gratefully funded by the Evan Cornish Foundation, BIHR will deliver two free to attend training sessions and produce a factsheet for health and wellbeing advocates that can be shared nationwide. 

We will deliver two training sessions as part of this project. The first will give a comprehensive outline of human rights that are relevant in the UK to health and wellbeing advocates. The second session will be an advanced training, expanding the learnings from the first session. We will be using real-life examples of how a human rights approach has worked to resolve issues without using the courts, as well as providing information about the legal system here in the UK and how your rights are protected.

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