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Legacy giving

Your gift can help us to secure the human rights legacy for future generations. The British Institute of Human Rights, founded over 50 years ago, works to protect and promote human rights across the UK.

Our educational work helps make sure some of the most marginalised members of our communities are treated with dignity and respect, from challenging the poor treatment of a former prisoner of war in a care home to making sure disabled children can take part in school activities. Our work with people with lived experience helps our voice stand out in national debates about changing human rights law – we are not only experts on the law but also on what this means in people’s daily lives.

At a time of uncertainty about the future of human rights protections here at home our work is more needed than ever. A gift of any size will make a big difference to our work to help secure human rights for us all now and in the future. 

Why leave a gift to the British Institute of Human Rights

Imagine your parents have been told that after 65 years of marriage they cannot live in the same care home because they have different health issues, or your child cannot participant in school activities because she uses a wheelchair, or your nurse knows that it's wrong to keep a patient strapped to a hospital bed because it's easier than physiotherapy but he doesn't know how to challenge the hospital culture. 

Imagine that in the face of bureaucratic indifference and complications you don't know how our human rights should protect you in such situations. Worse still imagine the rights available in our law here at home have been stripped back by those in power to win political point which in reality leaves us all worse off

Supporting BIHR really makes a difference

Photo of a group of people with learning disabilities doing arts and crafts projects, focused in on a young man, smiling.


could help us train support workers and provide resources that build their knowledge and confidence in human rights and offering rights-respecting support.

Photo of 4 young people in a college sitting and talking.


could enable us to reach young people at community outreach events across the UK helping to inspire the next generation and continue the legacy of human rights.

Photo of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, taken from Westminster bridge, with a bright blue sky.


could help meet the cost of our policy and research resources which supports other groups and people to understand what human rights are, why they matter and how they can get involved in national debates to make sure the promise of international human rights remains law here at home.

We understand your will is a personal and sensitive matter. If you would like to discuss leaving BIHR a gift, you can contact us on

We have also prepared a short booklet to explain your options.

Jo, n-compass carers charity, North-West England

“Work alongside BIHR promotes the rights of our service-users; our staff and volunteers have increased human rights knowledge and the association with BIHR gives us more confidence in using the Human Rights Act.”

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