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Human Rights Officer

Phoebe Craig

Phoebe joined BIHR in 2022 as a Human Rights Officer.


Phoebe has a background in advice, advocacy, and casework in the third sector with particular focus on SEND law (Special Educational Needs and Disability). Phoebe also has academic human rights experience.

What Phoebe brings to BIHR

What Phoebe brings to BIHR:


  • Extensive experience and understanding of how far direct support can go and the impact it has on the wider society, having worked directly with many families in the SEND community. This required in depth knowledge of legislation, focus on informing families of their legal rights.


  • Knowledge of delivering training and information across many different sectors, with focus on accessibility and clarity.


  • Experience of representing parents and preparing cases for tribunal hearings.


Phoebe previously worked as an advisor and tribunals officer at several SENDIASS services across the country, most recently in Brighton. This involved informing parents and young people of their rights and the legal process to enforce them, with particular reference to education health and care plans under the Children and Families Act 2014 and the Equality Act 2010.


Phoebe holds a BA(hons) from SOAS and is completing an LLM with legal practice at BPP Law School, with her dissertation having particular reference to the potential consequences of the repeal of the Human Rights Act.

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