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Senior Human Rights Officer

Katrin McEntee

Katrin joined BIHR as a Human Rights Officer in 2019 and progressed to Senior Human Rights Officer in 2021.


Katrin has a background in advocacy and support work. She has significant experience of working together with disabled people, older adults, and women who have experienced domestic violence.

What Katrin brings to BIHR

  • Extensive experience of supporting others to use the Human Rights Act to achieve change.


  • Direct experience of using the Human Rights Act as an advocate as well as other legislation and guidance relating to health and social care, housing, and education.


  • Skilled in developing the knowledge and confidence of advocates to use human rights to challenge decisions and improve services.


  • Experience of creating practical resources about human rights, in particular working directly with people to coproduce materials that reflect their lived experiences.


  • Experience of developing and delivering training programmes that are tailored to the specific needs of people, communities or staff working for public bodies.


  • Experience in facilitating large and small groups both in person and online.


Prior to joining BIHR, Katrin coordinated Age UK’s Our Rights Our Voices programme which aimed to empower older people’s forums to understand and use human rights in their community. Alongside this role Katrin also completed her studies in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths University. As part of her course, Katrin worked closely with women fleeing domestic violence as well as women with alcohol addiction. Prior to this, Katrin established and ran an advocacy service for a disability rights charity in London, supporting people to be heard on key issues such as health, social care and housing.


Katrin holds an MSc with distinction in Community Education and an MA in German and Russian.

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