At BIHR we aim for the light bulb moments - when people make the connection between human rights and the work they do every day. We move human rights from the law books to everyday life, using real examples and a practical human rights based approach.

Don't just take our word for it, in this video some of our public and third sectors partners talk about what is it like to work with us.

Did you know that ALL law, policy and practice should be applied in a way that respects and protects human rights, a legal duty which is set out in the Human Rights Act. Whether it is the Mental Capacity Act, safeguarding, the Care Act, mental health law, policing, education, housing or other areas - knowing about human rights means making sure:

  • staff know the "why" for what they are doing and supporting defensible decision-making, using human rights in practice and not simply the legal teams; and
  • advocates, people using services and their families are empowered to challenge bad practice and seek accountability without having to take court action.

BIHR provides innovation training and consultancy solutions that make the legal standards accessible and practical, empowering people and organisations to understand how human rights laws apply to your work. Evaluation shows the positive outcomes of our interventions, changing people's lives through advocacy, supporting staff to change internal decisions and practice, and improving organisational culture. 

Your organisation may need tailored support because it has legal duties, or you want to utilise human rights in your advocacy and campaigning work. 

Whatever your role, we will help you translate human rights into your everyday practice. We provide:

  • Bespoke plans for change, embedding a human rights based approach in your organisatio
  • In-house, bespoke training to organisations
  • Consortia training to allow groups to pool resources and buy-in training
  • Short talks and workshops to kick off those light bulb momemts
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions
  • Policy and practice audits/reviews
  • Governance and management sessions for Boards and senior leadership
  • Resource development for your service, organisation or issue
  • And much more!

To discuss how BIHR can assist with your training and consultancy needs please contact Rephael Akpan on email or call 0207 882 5851.

“BIHR staff are really good trainers. They are encouraging and supportive. They are incredibly knowledgeable and yet never make anyone feel inferior. I know that sounds like a small thing, but it’s not – as it allows people to grow and develop.” Sarah Jay, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust

Five reasons why you need human rights training

  1. Improved outcomes for staff and service users. Human rights provide a practical planning and decision-making framework that can lead to more effective and better quality public services.
  2. Empowering communities. Communities who understand their rights can strengthen their voice and influence with service providers and decision makers.
  3. Human rights provide a powerful language that can be used to challenge poor treatment, reduce inequalities, empower individuals and inspire, engage and enthuse staff.
  4. Applying human rights principles and standards strengthens existing work promoting equality and social inclusion, and supports a wide range of national and local government targets and performance standards.
  5. It's the law - public service providers have a legal duty to comply with the Human Rights Act.

Five reasons why you need training from BIHR

  1. BIHR is the leading provider of human rights training and consultancy services to the third and public sectors in the UK. We have been providing training for almost 15 years, to over 10,000 individuals in over 1,000 organisations. Clients include: local authorities, NHS organisations, national and regional government bodies, public sector inspectorates, national, regional and local third sector organisations, and community groups.
  2. Our experience is unparalleled; you can be confident the training you receive is well-respected, tested and is being continually refined and updated.
  3. Our training style is interactive and participative; we include discussion, presentation, group and individual exercises and case studies. We work hard to create a supportive and inclusive environment, and very much encourage debate and discussion.
  4. Our training is practical; we focus on the practice of rights and how organisations can apply human rights to make their work more effective.
  5. Our training is accessible; our trainers are experienced in providing training to a diverse range of groups and we have particular expertise in translating complex ideas into simple, easy to understand language.

To discuss your training needs please contact [email protected]

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