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Communities Support Solution

Migrants' Rights Network

As part of our communities’ co-design programme, we are excited to spotlight the first of our six human rights support solutions. Together with Migrants’ Rights Network, we co-designed a human rights guide that can be used by people seeking asylum in the UK and those supporting them to understand their Human Rights, and how they can use them.

Please use and share this resource with anyone who could benefit from knowing their rights or the rights of people they support.

Collaborating with Migrants' Rights Network

This resource was made in collaboration with the staff and members of Migrants’ Rights Network over the course of six months. It includes real life stories and issues that have been provided by Migrants’ Rights Network that cover the human rights issues that asylum seekers face in accommodation settings.

The Resource

Here is just a small preview of some of the resource pages:

Ernest Ulaya, Ambassador and Advisor at the Migrants’ Rights Network said:

 "This resource is incredibly valuable for our Know Your Rights campaign and also to the entire charity sector working with migrants including asylum seekers and refugees. It will empower asylum seekers by providing them with vital knowledge about their rights while residing in Home Office accommodations. Equipped with this information, they will be auditors against any form of oppression and human rights violations, enabling them to assert their rights in situations where they are not respected."

Working with Migrants' Rights Network

Working with Migrants’ Rights Network was an exciting experience, being able to learn more about the important work that they do daily, and collaborating with them to find a way we can use human rights to address some of these issues. We hope that this human rights guide will compliment their Know Your Rights Campaign, which includes vital range of resources that Migrants’ Rights Network has put together in order to provide information and support to asylum seekers.

You can find out more about Migrants’ Rights Network and their work here.

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