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Families in Trauma and Recovery

We collaborated with Families in Trauma and Recovery to create a human rights guide that can provide human rights knowledge and practical tools that can be used by families from all backgrounds to make sure that their rights are respected when getting support and care when recovering from trauma. 

Families in Trauma was set up by a husband-and-wife team who found themselves dealing with a traumatic family situation, but with little experience of how to handle it, and without knowing where to turn for support. They offer a range of services to the public including Trauma informed Peer to Peer and Emotional CPR and focus on recovery in contrast to traditional approaches.

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Quote from a member of Families in Trauma and Recovery:

"People often struggle with their mental health, they reach out - there's no help available! People struggle with the cost of living, accessing medical care for themselves and their families, getting care packages for loved ones. And often carers are too busy to attend to our loved ones because they are too busy. Even when they get into a care home, their needs are not always addressed when they desperately need it. Lots of "little" things (which aren't so little!) that we need and deserve from the systems around us. We can't survive on our own, we have a right not to have to survive on our own.”

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