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All Together in Dignity Fourth World UK

In collaboration with All Together in Dignity UK, we created a resource that is geared towards young people to help them understand their human rights, and how they can use them to challenge decisions about their care and treatment, and what to do if their rights aren’t respected.

Working with the young people at ATD UK, we produced a resource that includes human rights flow charts, Easy Read options, and a letter template to use to have your rights respected.

“This resource was designed for young people by young people. We wanted to create a resource that empowers young people and we believe the first step for that is through knowledge. We hope that through this document young people will be supported to protect and uphold their rights.”

- Youth Voices project, ATD UK

“All Together in Dignity” is a family support programme for the most vulnerable and excluded families. With time, space, and resources, they build upon their strengths, develop their support networks, and can access public services in their community. Through their advocacy work with families in crisis, they foster conditions that allow parents, children, and professionals to better understand one another and collaborate.

For me it was important to have a resource that supported young people in understanding their human rights, as it is such a crucial element for a young person to have the best day to day life experience. However the information is not always available for them in an accessible way, as knowing your human rights is taken for granted. Something I really wanted this document to be is accessible for young people but also for everyone, by using pictures, colours and accessible layout. I also liked the focus we made on some key rights that can be important for young people in certain circumstances including the right to housing and family. I know from personal experience the impact of not being aware of these or not knowing how to act on them. Which is another element that I really like about our resource: we show when and how a young person can act if they don’t feel like their rights are being respected.

- Tiegan Boyens, lived experience activist, ATD UK.

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“I'm really proud to have worked with the British Institute of Human Rights on this resource which empowers both the understanding and application of human rights. By explaining not only what human rights are but also how to protect them, human rights become an active and useful tool to fight for dignity and justice.”

- Aurelia Drayak, lived experience activist, ATD UK.


Creating this resource with ATD UK has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us at BIHR. Remembering that Human Rights belong to everyone, it is not uncommon for young people to be spoken down to, and to not have their voices heard in decisions about their treatment. We hope that this resource will be able to equip young people, and others, with the language of human rights, and the Tools they need to make sure their rights are respected.

The resource includes real stories that have been provided by ATD UK, and features quotes and stories from ATD’ UK’s submission United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) from December 2022.

I am really happy that we created a resource that highlights that under the Human Rights Act everyone has a right to family life. I think it is a right that can be overlooked despite being so important. Hopefully by creating more awareness and understanding of the right to family life, people can be empowered to make sure this right is respected for themselves and those around them.

- Kaydence Drayak, lived experience activist, ATD UK.

“It’s been an honour working alongside this team of young people with lived experience of poverty and other human rights violations. Seeing how they transform their difficult experiences into a drive and passion for change has been truly inspirational. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity the BIHR has given us to work in collaboration with the young people and with the BIHR to create an essential tool for young people. As a team, we felt listened to in every step of the resource production and are incredibly proud of the outcome. It has been a great pleasure to work with their team.”

- Eva Carrillo, Project officer, ATD UK.

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