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Community Support Solution

All Wales People First

Together with All Wales People first, we have produced an accessible resource that will tell people with learning disabilities about their human rights and how to use them so that they can advocate for themselves and others.

All Wales People First is the united voice of self-advocacy groups and people with learning disabilities in Wales. They want to ensure that people with learning disabilities in Wales, can have access to self-advocacy support so that they are able to voice choice and control.

They also want to ensure that people with learning disabilities understand their rights, especially their Human Rights.

David, member of All Wales People First, on the support solution:

From BIHR:

Working with All Wales People First to create this human rights self-advocacy guide has been a wonderful experience. Being able to learn from the members of All Wales People First to figure out what kind of support they need using human rights, and how to make the guide as user friendly as possible, has been a meaningful process. We are really proud of what we have created and we hope it can be used by lots of people to self-advocate for their human rights.

David on creating the resources

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