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Community work

Warrington Speak Up

Warrington Speak Up is a free independent advocacy service based in the North West of England. They have a team of professional advocates who support people with care and support needs to have their voice heard, and they also create resources and hold groups to enable people to advocate for themselves.

Human Rights Officer Annie worked with self-advocates at Warrington Speak Up to create accessible human rights resources so that they feel more confident to us the language of human rights in their self-advocacy.

What we made

Easy Read postcards covering:

There are 26 postcards in total which can be stuck back-to-back to make a pack of 13. 

After the launch of this resource, BIHR sent 200 postcard packs free of charge to people who wanted to use them, including self-advocates, self-advocacy groups, community and voluntary organisations and individuals supporting people with a learning disability.

We have now sold out of postcard packs and do not have plans to print more. If you or your organisation would like to arrange for your own postcard packs to be printed, please contact us on

The impact of this guide

Warrington Speak Up Member

The postcards are great because when you go out you can take one with you and show them that you've got rights as well

Have you used this guide?

If you like these tools and they have helped you or someone you support, we want to hear from you! You can email your feedback or stories about using the guides to Annie on

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