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Why Our Human Rights Act Matters

Every day at BIHR the people we support share their real-life stories of Why Our Human Rights Act Matters to them.

Whether it is children and families living in poverty, people with learning disabilities, Black and minoritized people, women and girls experiencing violence, mental health staff, members of the armed forces and loved ones, social workers, parents, advocates – and many more people across the UK – there are so many stories about the positive support our Human Rights Act provides people.

Read Real Life Stories

Right now, as the UK Government plans to scrap our Human Rights Act and replace it with a Rights Removal Bill, it is more important than ever that we ALL make it clear to those in power that Our Human Rights Act Matters.

There are many reasons WHY Our Human Rights Act Matters, and that’s where YOU come in. We are showcasing the stories of people, community groups, and staff in public bodies across the UK who want to speak up and share “Why Our Human Rights Act Matters.” 

These stories are featured in our Blog, and importantly, are woven into the influencing work we and hundreds of others are doing to try and stop the Rights Removal Bill and secure our Human Rights Act for everyone. These stories feature in briefings to parliament and have been used by MPs and Peers. It is time to shine a spotlight on Why Our Human Rights Act Matters, read the stories below.

If you would like to share your story about Why Our Human Rights Act Matters – as a written blog, a video, an audio piece, or picture story – please email Helen at

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