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Our CEO's Statement on re-appointment of Dominic Raab as Justice Secretary

Speaking on re-appointment of Dominic Raab as Justice Secretary, BIHR’s CEO, Sanchita Hosali said:

“Today's latest version of the UK Government sees the re-appointment of Dominic Raab as Justice Secretary. This carries the risk that the Government will reignite the obsession of scrapping our Human Rights Act in favour of Raab's Rights Removal Bill. Under the Truss government the Bill was "paused" but remained on the parliamentary books; we now wait to see if Mr Raab will push ahead with the unevidenced, unprincipled, and unworkable Rights Removal Bill.

The Independent Review set up by Mr Raab’s Ministry and thousands of members of the public sent a clear message; our Human Rights Act works for people and must stay. As we enter a winter with people facing choices between heating or eating, the last thing we need is Government stripping away our most basic rights protections. Rather than wasting parliament's time on this misconceived project we urge the Justice Secretary to withdraw the Bill permanently, and instead focus on securing accountability, access to justice, and the rule of law in these turbulent times.

The last 2 years have seen an incredible mobilisation of civil society, working in often quiet, but vital ways, to speak up for why our Human Rights Act matters for each one of us, every day, including the many brave people who have shared stories of trauma and discrimination to make sure decision-makers understand what is at stake. We see you; we thank you; and now we regroup and will secure our Human Rights Act, together.”

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