17th May 2022

BIHR is proud to share with you some new Easy Read postcards which tell you about human rights!

The postcards cover:

There are 26 postcards in total which can be stuck back to back to make a pack of 13. Here are some examples:

We hope the postcards will help people with learning disabilities understand what rights they have and how their rights work. The postcards talk about real life stories of where rights have or have not been looked after.

We have created these postcards together with Warrington Speak Up, an independent advocacy organisation in the north west of England, and Photosymbols who have a picture library featuring people with learning disabilities as the main characters. The postcards were also tested with the North West Regional Advocacy Forum.

Welcome to Photosymbols

This is part of BIHR's work supporting community and voluntary groups to co-design a human rights support solution with us. Click here to find out more about this project.

Download the postcards

You can click the buttons below to download the human rights postcards. You can print them off and stick the images back to back to make a set of 13 postcards.



Order copies of the postcards

BIHR has a limited number of postcard packs that we can post to people who want to use them. These are free of charge for self-advocates, self-advocacy groups, community and voluntary organisations and individuals supporting people with a learning disability. BIHR charges for postage and packaging to UK addresses only.

We ask that you order no more than 10 packs per order so that lots of people can enjoy them. Because we have printed a small number of postcard packs, we will not accept orders from public bodies. However, public bodies are free to download and print the postcards using the links above.

Click here to order your copy of the postcards.

Watch a video about this project

We have made a video where all the different people involved in making these postcards talk about how we made them, what it was like to make them, and how we hope people will use them.

Have you used these postcards?

If you like these postcards and they have helped you or someone you support, we want to hear from you! You can email your feedback or stories about using the postcards to Annie on [email protected].

This resource is for information purposes only. It is not intended, and should not be used, as legal advice or guidance. The law referred to in this resource may have changed since it was published.