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Human Rights in CAMHS: Launch Event

BIHR and our Lived Experience Experts created two guides to human rights in Children and Young People’s Mental Health Inpatient Services as part of our ongoing project with NHS England. These resources are about human rights for children and young people in mental health inpatient settings, including information on staff’s duties, relevant rights, real life examples and details of how to challenge decisions which aren’t rights respecting.

Our launch event

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week 2023, we held an online launch event for the resources. Our Lived Experience Experts discussed their experiences using human rights in real-life and how the resources are designed to help with advocacy and self-advocacy. Participants also had a chance to ask questions and give feedback on the resources.

Charli on making the resources

First up, Charli talked about why she wanted to make the resources and bringing the initial idea to life. She talked about how these guides could have helped her advocate for herself when she was accessing inpatient services.

Charli on her experiences

She went on to talk about the importance of rights-respecting care and touched on her experiences as an inpatient on a CAMHS ward. She discussed some of the rights featured in the guide, including the right to private and family life.

Hanna on making two resources

Hanna then talked a bit about the difference between the full guide and the short guide - explaining that both guides are designed to be accessible to everyone but the shorter guide has been made particularly with young people accessing services in mind, who might find the longer guide overwhelming.

Hanna on blanket bans

Hanna then asked participants about their experience with blanket bans (rules that are applied to anyone and everyone regardless of individual circumstances). She explained why these are almost never rights-respecting and why they're highlighted in the guides.

Kirsten on her experiences as a parent

Kirsten then talked about her experience as a mum of a teenage son who's autistic. She talked about the difficulty her family faced with navigating services and advocating for rights-respecting care.

Kirsten on parents as human rights defenders

She talked about parents' roles in protecting and advocating for human rights in health and care settings and the importance of having relevant and accessible information to draw on.

The Resources

Get all our resources below including a full guide to human rights in CAMHS settings, a shorter version of the guide, a flowchart to help you take action and advocate for your rights, and a poster to help others get quick access to the guides. If you use the resources, we'd love to hear from you so we can use your feedback to improve future resources.

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