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David's Story

David, a member of staff in a care home in England arranged an afternoon for canvassers to visit the care home and talk to people living there. After attending a BIHR training session on the right to vote and the right to non-discrimination, David realised that although the care home did put measures in place to support people to vote (for example applying for postal ballots or supporting people to go to the polling booth) there was more that could be done. He noticed that canvassers, never actually visited to talk to people in the care home, they went door to door on the street, missing out the care home. This meant that people living there weren’t having the same opportunities to engage in free elections as they would have if they were living in their own homes. David arranged an afternoon and invited canvassers from various parties to come to the care home, deliver information and talk to people who wanted to be involved in these conversations.

Key information

BIHR Example

Rights this relates to: 
Article 3, Protocol 1: Right to free elections

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