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Bryn's Story

Bryn had severe learning disabilities and epilepsy, was non-communicative and blind. Bryn had symptoms of a heart condition, so staff at his residential home called a doctor. However, the doctor said he wouldn't give Bryn a heart scan because Bryn had no quality of life. Bryn's Independent Mental Capacity Advocate asked the doctor if he would arrange a heart scan if anyone else in the room was in this situation, and the GP said yes he would. The advocate said treating Bryn differently risked his right to life and right to be free from discrimination.

It was then agreed Bryn would have a heart scan but he sadly passed away before any treatment could take place.

Watch a video of Bryn's story.

Key information

BIHR Example

Rights this relates to: 
Article 2: Right to life
Article 14: Right to be free from discrimination

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