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Josh's Story

Josh was an inpatient in a children’s mental health hospital. One day, Josh was told he must hand over his notebook because they had made a new ward policy after incident on another ward. Josh was distraught; his notebook was where he wrote down how he felt, to manage his feelings, and where he liked to draw, which contributed hugely to his health and wellbeing.

Josh’s mum had been involved in a BIHR training course and asked ward staff whether there was a legitimate aim for taking away Josh’s journal. Staff explained it was a new ward policy. But Josh’s mum told staff this was not a proportionate response. The following day, Josh’s journal was returned and a less restrictive process was put in place that included reviewing individual circumstances.

Key information

BIHR Example

Rights this relates to: 
Article 10: Right to freedom of expression
Article 1, Protocol 1: Right to peaceful enjoyment of possessions

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