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Chrisann’s Story

Chrisann Jarett had been living in the UK since she was 8 years’ old. She was accepted to study Law at London School of Economics but changes to student rules meant she was no longer eligible for a student loan and was instead classified as an ‘international student’ so the fees would be higher. Together with other young people frustrated by the system, Chrisann started a campaign called ‘Let Us Learn’. They pushed for a change in this law and brought a legal case. The court found the new rules the right to education and the right to be free from discrimination. This meant people in Chrisann’s position could now access student loans and be charged ‘home’ tuition fees, which are more affordable. Chrisann was awarded a full scholarship for LSE but continues to advocate for more migrants and young people who have difficulty accessing the education system.

(R (Tigere) v Secretary of State for Business, Innovations and Skills [2015] UKSC 57)

Key information


Rights this relates to: 
Article 14: Right to be free from discrimination
Article 2, Protocol 1: Right to education

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