BIHR's innovative work on human rights in health and care has been funded via grants and donations from a range of organisations. Most recently, three major projects have been funded via grants:

  • Human Rights in Healthcare toolkits for practitioners, funded by a grant from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (project ended 2016)
  • Care and Support: A Human Rights Approach to Advocacy, a three year project working with mental health/mental capacity advocates and support workers, funded via a grant from the Department of Health (project ends 2017)
  • Delivering Compassionate Care: Connecting Human Rights to the Frontline, a three year project funded via a grant from the Department of Health (project ended 2017)

If you would like to support BIHR to continue this important work, to put human rights at the heart of health and care, please visit our donation page here or get in touch with us on [email protected] or 0207 882 5850.