Stand up for our human rights today


Human Rights Day is observed internationally on 10 December each year. This date commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, and has been celebrated since 1950. The UDHR is the foundation of modern human rights laws across the world, including our Human Rights Act.

Each year the British Institute of Human Rights encourages national and local actions to observe Human Rights Day. For the past six years, BIHR has brought together civil society groups from across the UK to join together in an open letter to our political leadership on the importance of our human rights here at home.

This year, 164 organisations have joined us to publish a full page open letter to the Prime Minister asking her not to abandon our Human Rights Act. You can read the letter and the organisations that have joined us here. BIHR's Press Release is available here.

We are also running a digital campaign via Thunderclap, alongside our Human Rights Day letter. Individuals and organisations can get involved, and you can sign up here, ready to join the conversation at 11am on Saturday 10 December.

As the UN website on Human Rights Day notes, many of us are fearful about the way the world is heading. Human Rights Day is an opportunity for us all to stand together and reaffirm our common humanity. Wherever we are, we can make a real difference, be that in the street, in school, at work or on social media.

There is much work to be done to make sure that universal human rights are protected and respected here in the UK. BIHR's mission to bring human rights to life here at home by empowering people to know what human are, and speaking up will be vital.

You can: