When did you intern at BIHR?

I interned at BIHR between July and August 2012.

What were you doing before your BIHR internship? 

I interned with BIHR just as I graduated from QMUL having studied in the Senior Status LLB Program.  I had a Bachelor of Arts degree prior to studying at QMUL and completed my LLB in 2012. Before I attended QMUL, I had worked in politics and government relations in Ottawa, Canada.

What did you do during your BIHR internship?

During the couple of months I interned with BIHR, I did a range of things that included helping with some of the planning of the Human Rights Tour.  Most of my time was spent reviewing responses BIHR received from the public to feed into the Government's Commission on a UK Bill of Rights consultation process. What was most valuable to me about the experience was not only learning about equality rights but also seeing my British colleagues’ perspectives on various issues.

What did you do after your BIHR internship?

When I first arrived back in Canada, I volunteered for a legal aid organisation where I wrote an essay on the equality of arms doctrine, so my background from BIHR was quite helpful in this work.  I enjoyed the experience of working with an organization in London and working alongside my British colleagues. The international work experience I gained while interning with BIHR was quite helpful for me when I applied for my Master’s program and later for jobs in the legal profession.

I am currently working as a lawyer with the Department of Justice in the Government of Canada.  I currently practice in administrative law and appear before an administrative tribunal and Federal Courts.