What is the Human Rights Charter?

We developed the Human Rights Charter to bring together people and organisations who share a commitment to promoting respect for human rights here at home. The Charter is a simple promise we can all make, backed up by three straight-forward calls:

Download your copy of the Human Rights Charter here and an About of the Human Rights Charter leaflet here.

Why have we developed the Human Rights Charter?

Why have we launched the Human Rights Charter?At a time when some are unsure or unaware about human rights, the Human Rights Charter is needed more than ever. It supports people to raise awareness of the important role human rights laws have to play in our everyday lives, helping to shape our experiences with those who hold power, and providing the rule book for our democracy. The Charter recognises that Human Rights Act is the foundation for making this a reality, ensuring our rights and freedoms are protected by the law of the land. At BIHR we meet people across the country from police officers to social workers, new mothers to local counsellors, grandparents to nurses, all of whom are committed building a culture of respect for human rights here at home.

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