A Human Rights Based Approach to Mental Health Recovery

A Health Foundation funded project, working in partnership with TEWV NHS Trust to embed a human rights approach in Mental Health recovery services. The 15 month project aims to increase the ability of staff to respect, protect and fulfil human rights in their daily practice, and work with service users, carers and local communities to know and claim their rights.

Over the 15 month project we are co-producing tools for managers, staff, service users and carers, working with and piloting these with Mental Health Services for Older People and the Stockton Psychosis and Early Intervention team. These tools will enable the Trust to roll this out across its mental health services.

The difference it makes

“I can hear staff saying, what about human rights when talking about cases.” TEWV staff member

“A human rights approach ensures that the patient is at the centre of our care-improved decision making.” TEWV staff member

“Working with BIHR has ensured that my team feel able and supported to make difficult decisions in a rights respecting way.” TEWV Team manager

“Today I’ve been able to share my views about caring for my husband and what information could support me.” Family member

If you are interested in a bespoke human rights training package for your organisation please contact [email protected]

Read more about human rights training here. 

Important information: The Care Quality Commission has reported on significant concerns related to the Children and Young People's Service, which was originally identified as one of the pilot services by the Trust. This work was halted, and Early Intervention team is now working with the project. You can read our response to the concerns and CQC report here.