Mental Health and Mental Capacity - your human rights

The booklets are free but postage will be added at the Checkout

These booklets are aimed at people with mental health or mental capacity issues and will help you to know more about your human rights in health and care services.

We co-produced them with advocates and support workers on our project Care and Support: A Human Rights Approach to Advocacy. The booklets were road-tested, before being re-designed and re-drafted, so that they work better for their intended audiences. We hope that you like them! 

There are three booklets:

1. Mental Health, Mental Capacity: My Human Rights - this explains what human rights are and which rights are most relevant in healthcare settings

2. Accessible version - same as above, but accessible

3. Mental Health, Mental Capacity: Raising a Human Rights Issue - this contains tips on how to use your human rights, with flowcharts and worked through examples

Note that each of these booklets is also available individually.