Learning Disability, Autism and Human Rights - booklet resource

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This accessible booklet is designed to support individuals with learning disability and/or autism to use human rights when accessing care and support. It has been produced with the support of a range of organisations, using the views and feedback of people with learning disability and/or autism.


1. What are human rights?

2. Who has human rights?

3. How are my rights protected?

4. Who has duties to uphold my rights?

5. What rights do I have?

6. Flowchart 1: Is my issue about human rights?

7. Flowchart 2: What to do if your issue is about human rights

8. Working through the flowcharts using examples

9. Getting more help and information

The resource was produced in collaboration with autism and learning disability organisations in Liverpool. 

Posters of the Flowcharts in sections 6 and 7 are also available as A2 sized posters - see Shop for details