We are currently following UK government guidance and our staff are working remotely. This means we cannot post resources. Please DO NOT place orders for hardcopy resources at this time. Where our resources are available to download we have provided links. 

Know your Human Rights online tool

Our new online advocacy tool: Know Your Human Rights, supports people to know when their human rights may be at risk in mental health and mental capacity services, and how to use the law to resolve these issues in everyday discussions with staff.

Human Rights and Advocacy: A Short-guide

This guide will help you understand how human rights are relevant to the issues you or your clients experience when accessing health, care and other services.

You can download the guide here or order hard copies here.

Your Human Rights - Poster

This handy A2 sized poster contains information about your 16 rights protected by law in the UK through the Human Rights Act. You can order it here.

The poster is also available in an accessible format.

Pocket Cards

Get your human rights in health & care info-card, a handy tool to pop in your pocket. Order them here.

Our Pocket Cards are also available in an accessible version. 

Learning Disability, Autism and Human Rights 

Booklet resource

This accessible booklet is designed to support individuals with learning disability and/or autism to use human rights when accessing care and support. It has been produced with the support of a range of organisations, using the views and feedback of people with learning disability and/or autism.

You can download the booklet or order hard copies from our shop


Learning disability, autism and human rights project, November 2018

We made these films together with Mencap Liverpool to show what human rights mean day to day for people with a learning disability and or autism.
Watch all the videos here.

Mental Health and Mental Capacity - your human rights

These booklets are aimed at people with mental health or mental capacity issues and will help you to know more about your human rights in health and care services.

We co-produced them with advocates and support workers on our project Care and Support: A Human Rights Approach to Advocacy. The booklets were road-tested, before being re-designed and re-drafted, so that they work better for their intended audiences. 

You can order hard copies here.

You can also download each guide, just click on the link below to download:

1. Mental Health, Mental Capacity: My Human Rights - this explains what human rights are and which rights are most relevant in healthcare settings

2. Accessible version - same as above, but accessible

3. Mental Health, Mental Capacity: Raising a Human Rights Issue - this contains tips on how to use your human rights, with flowcharts and worked through examples