BIHR’s Strategic Aims are underpinned by our organisational vision of securing BIHR’s role as THE organisation supporting community groups, the voluntary and public sectors, to deliver a culture of respect for human rights across the UK. 
BIHR focuses on change through human rights beyond the courts. We produce the tools and support people need to use the law to resolve situations. This is about preventing poor public services and policy, and challenging and changing decisions when things have gone wrong.
At the heart of each of our strategic aims is our commitment to bring about collaborative change through the use of human rights advocacy and approaches to change policy and practice. We seek to achieve change through human rights at 4 key levels:

We support:

PEOPLE: with practical tools to use human rights law to change own lives.
COMMUNITIES: by strengthening the agency of community groups to address social justice issues using human rights.

LOCAL SYSTEMS & DECISION-MAKING: by increasing the accountability of public bodies to respect and protect human rights in practice and policy.
POLICY: by amplifying the voices of people whose rights are risked to influence policy that affects them

BIHR: this is all achieved by ensuring that we sustain and develop BIHR as an ambitious, healthy and vibrant charity.