Our Submission to the Independent Review of the Human Rights Act

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The UK Government created an Independent Human Rights Act Review (The Review) in December 2020. This was set up following the Conservative party’s pledge to “relook” at the Human Rights Act 1998. The Review launched a call for evidence which is supposed to look at 20 years of the HRA’s operation, but asked narrow legal questions about the Human Rights Act in the courtrooms. This does not reflect 20 years of the HRA’s operation.

At BIHR, we see the value of the Human Rights Act every day in our work with people accessing services, community and advocacy groups and staff working in public services. The Human Rights Act is, in its current form, an incredibly powerful tool which has the power to create a culture of respect for human rights in the UK. Since the passing of the Human Rights Act, for over 20 years, we at BIHR have been supporting the operationlisation of the Act with rights holders and duty bearers. Our experience shows us that there is still a long way to go until a culture of respect for human rights becomes a reality for all of us, here in the UK.

Our submission makes it clear, however, that the route to making human rights real for everyone is not through more legislative reviews of our Human Rights Act but through human rights leadership, at all levels, ensuring that the Human Rights Act is understood and implemented every day, in every interaction a person has with public services.  

We supported many different organisations to respond to the Review and have their voices heard. Find our resources created to support others to respond here.





Our submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights Inquiry

In response to the Review, The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) is also gathering evidence. We submitted a short response, including some of our concerns about the Independent review to the JCHR on 19 February 2021.

You can read our short response here.

On 22 March 2021, we submitted our full response to the Joint Committee on Human Rights. Read our full response below, or read a summary here. We've also created a guide to the HRA in easy read to sit alongside our reports. Click the easy read image below to access.