Watch Sir Nicolas discussing the importance of our Human Rights Act and the European Convention system in a Channel 4 news piece here. Sir Nicholas describes his motivation for Chairing our Board of Trustees as:

“The British Institute of Human Rights is an organisation I have long admired. After fourteen years as a judge in the European Court of Human Rights, and an even longer career as a lawyer, I see the powerful and vital role BIHR plays in making sure we all know that human rights are not a remote, technical subject. I urge you to join in ... your support can make the difference, helping strengthen work to bring rights to life in these challenging times.”


Tanni describes her motivation for joining BIHR’s Board of Trustees as:

"I became a trustee of the British Institute of Human Rights because I was already working on welfare reform, benefit reform, legal aid, disability rights; and for me it was that piece of the jigsaw that pulled everything together"

Imran describes his motivation for joining BIHR’s Board of Trustees as:

"BIHR is not about sitting around and debating, it is about how do we change people's lives for the better, using the Human Rights Act in a way to change society"