Following our Discover workshop in July, we received many applications from fantastic organisations. We used criteria to score each application and choose the top 4 scoring organisations who would work with us in this initial pilot project. 

Define Workshop

These partners were then invited to a "Define" workshop. During this workshop we worked together to further define the ideas for human rights support "solutions".

Each organisation then worked with a staff member to co-develop plans so that we could start work mapping, developing and testing the solutions, following this outline:

A the end of the workshop, we asked the attendees to share some of their favourite, or most useful thing about the process so far:

Our 4 Partner Organisations


Hopscotch Works with hard to reach communities, women with multiple barriers, women with multiple and complex needs, providing a wrap around service, providing a trauma-informed service. Hopscotch is based in Camden in London.

Hopscotch are working with BIHR Human Rights Officer Katrin to support staff and people accessing services be more confident in using human rights.

Room to Heal

Room to Heal supports refugees and asylum seekers who are torture survivors to rebuild their lives in exile, through an integrated programme of therapeutic and casework assistance in the context of a community of survivors. Room to Heal are based in London.

Room to Heal are currently working with BIHR Human Rights Officer Eilidh to develop accessible human rights information for Room to Heal members and staff so that they feel confident to use the language of human rights in their interactions with public services. 


Together are an alliance of Scottish children's charities that works to improve the awareness, understanding and implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Together are working with Human Rights Officer Natalie to develop a clear and accessible tool to support their members with Children's Rights Impact Assessments. The tool will also be useful for duty bearers, and support a wider understanding of Impact Assessments.

Warrington Speak Up

Warrington Speak Up is a a group of advocates and self-advocates, coming together and supporting each other to have the skills and confidence to speak up.

Human Rights Officer Annie is working with self-advocates at Warrington Speak Up to create accessible human rights resources so that they feel more confident to us the language of human rights in their self-advocacy.